Saturday, June 8, 2013

Well, I have been working and going to meetings so here is at least a show of what my printer has been doing in my absence. I have just had time to print out four more pieces for the boot, they aren't yet welded together but you can see where things are headed!

Here the heel plate (printed in two parts) is just placed on the heel where it should rest in the groove.
There are two more pieces I just put into place (not yet welded together) and I find that even without the joints attached this piece pivots to the precise limits I designed it to!
Here is the shin plate from above pivoted to where the design allows (less than 10 degrees forward).
So there we have it taking shape upwards from here. I will print out the last two pieces of the shin today and tomorrow and also get to welding these that were right off the press! :)

Stay tuned... 

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