Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tonight I'm printing out the last parts of the calf. This corner piece on the upper calf takes 10 hours to print one side. I will probably print the last two pieces overnight and then weld it all together in the morning! Also, I stopped by the hardware store to get a couple bolt screws to secure the joints. If they work in the toe joints then I will fit the rest of the joints with the same parts. This morning, Matt came over (electronics guy) and we talked about the servos and gears he ordered and read through a bunch of Make magazines. So, heres to a finished boot (in printing the parts) by tomorrow!

This piece is a 10 hour print! 

I am amazed at how easily and effectively the Afinia generates support structures. They come off like ribbon.

You can still see every polygon as I still need to learn how to better keep edges while setting models in smooth mode in Maya. I am not sure how to hold certain edges effectively without changing the whole shape of the boot inside and out yet. So, obviously I will have to create a smooth surface before painting the parts.

Here is the hole to fill in with the piece that is printing out, and then just above these are two more smaller pieces at the bottom of the knee that will complete the calf plate.

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