Monday, June 10, 2013

This morning I finished printing out the shin plate and spent time welding all the pieces since the shoe was put together. It looks like things are coming together nicely so far! I estimate finishing the calf plate sometime this week!! Please share, so when I make a video about my project there will be some viewership! :)

I taped on the top right piece for now. I will have to weld that later.

Here is a nice profile view so you can see the calf plate will be much larger than the shin.

Here is an angle view, that seam will be filled in with the weld so its np.

Here are the movements of the plates so far. The toe is capable of bending back at four Make Magazines high. The shin plate rotates forward for a smooth step, and the calf is pivoted back to its angle for the foot entry position. I came up with the articulations of the boot and where the joints are located. As far as I am aware in my research of people who are building "cosplay" suits, I am the first to design something like this boot.

I am eating those Pocky in the background... you can get a whole pack at Costco for a good price. :)