Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three weeks of printing and one day of assembly! The Iron Man MK 42 boot is just about finished with the joints now! I went to the hardware store and picked out some supplies, then drilled some holes and fitted the boot up with the necessary mechanics (minus the electronic locking at the top). I also reinforced the pivot arms inside by cutting out some sheet metal and screwing it into the back of the shin plate. After all was just about done, I realized I was short one bolt for the calf plate (lol) but I will pick that up next time I'm out getting the stuff for the inside cushioning.

So there are round bolts outside for now, but I want to sink them in with flat heads soon.

Ah its a beaut already!

You can see where I welded all the pieces of the calf today. It will need some love still.

I was happy with how the plates matched up almost perfectly! Remember, there is a lip on the inside as well, which made it crucial to be right on.

Here the toe is pivoted to its stopping point.

Before the plates shift on the slider axis...

After the plates shift (some of the way) forward on the slider axis.

Taking off the calf plate to see the inner workings!

The heel plate at its max pivot back.
Pulling back the heel you can see the main joint and the springs, as they are screwed into the walls of the shoe and other plates.

I love the detail in the tread and holding it like this is so cool to imagine the led panel on the bottom yet to come.

Yes, I am a skinny dude, time to work out and fill the armor with some muscle ;)

One step closer to the real stark industries...


  1. Nice work!
    Are the 3D files/gcode available on TheRPF or elsewhere?

  2. Thanks! I'm not sharing the files for printing this out until well after completing the prototype suit.