Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well, we were able to successfully display at the Mini Maker Faire on Saturday! The lock mechanism was soldered just in time and it worked to demonstrate an auto locking function. Here are some pics from the start of that day. Five of the eight of us showed up for the event, which was good because we had to address the huge amount of people coming to ask questions. Kevin also showed up later on (who is working on programming a voice command "e-butler" system). I will take some more pics of the finished boot tomorrow, as I had no time to do so this past week in cramming in prints and assembly.

Setup time at the little 10x10 booth.

Matt and his girlfriend programming the gauntlet control for display.

I demonstrated the locking and movement of the boot all day, so my arms got red sun burnt!

I let kids try on the V1 boot and walk around in it. They were so excited!

The team, (minus Kevin who showed up later).

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