Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yesterday and today I spent some good hours finishing the boot. I only have a couple internal details that I need to work on, but those are aluminum pieces for the CNC machine anyways. I am so excited about how this turned out! I rendered pics that demonstrate the movement of the boot... (click on the pics to see full resolution)

I hope that I can paint it as good as it looks in the model!

Check out the linear actuators, which for now will be shock like mechanisms that will be exactly this size.

Taking a step 1, the shin and calf move together forward.

Taking a step 2, the whole boot moves forward on toe joint.

What a sweet angle!

Well, I am exited to start printing the boot out as soon as I have all the details looked over! This second version of the boot will not only look sweet, but the functionality and joints are well improved also. Hopefully I can get the boot done for the fair next month!

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