Saturday, August 31, 2013

Today was an electronics config day, while we are trouble shooting the lock mechanism. We ended up jumping over to the Arduino Mini to get the circuit set up. We found that the magnet sensor wasn't reliable enough so we ran out to the electronics store to switch it out for a limit switch and some more voltage reg. parts. It is a pretty complex circuit we are having to program for this particular element but I have the parts printing out now that will house it all.

Matt working with a very small micro controller, which burnt out because of back voltage from the solenoid. So we switched to Arduino Mini for now.

The lock box housing is being printed out now, and the pin printed earlier this morning.

Yesterday, I was able to CNC out the aluminum arms for the shin plate as well! Then I installed them and put the pins into the front of the boot.

The head slipped on a couple attempts, but I was able to cut out a couple arms. 

The large vice grip is a must! 
I screwed in the aluminum arms, ready to install.

The toe and shin are ready to get hooked up to a couple more things for motion control.

Up next... printing the rest of the calf plate, installing the lock mechanism, adding sprints, other joints, etc. Then onto the gauntlet!

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