Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Its time for an update!

Project MK 42 Prototype has a team of variously talented people now collaborating on this project. Matthew B. as electronics engineering, Derek P. as IT tech, Joost D as 3D modeler for the suit exterior, Kevin M. for software design, Jason C. as research and development, and a possible tech help with CNC Aluminum routing! 

We have applied to have a booth in September at the Greenbrae Mini Maker Fair for the project! I met with the producer of the event and am inviting other tech companies to joint in. We may be using the CNC machine to a create larger 3D printer this month. 

Even though I haven't 3D printed many more parts, these are huge advancements for the Project! 

Here are a couple parts I have created a 3D mechanical device for recently. They work together to lock the boot closed. Also, Joost has completed mostly all the exterior armor in 3D and ready for me to design and build the joints and inner skeletal of the suit. 

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